class Nokogiri::XML::ProcessingInstruction

ProcessingInstruction represents a ProcessingInstruction node in an xml document.

Public Class Methods

new(document, name, content) click to toggle source

Create a new ProcessingInstruction element on the document with name and content

static VALUE
new (int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE klass)
  xmlDocPtr xml_doc;
  xmlNodePtr node;
  VALUE document;
  VALUE name;
  VALUE content;
  VALUE rest;
  VALUE rb_node;

  rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "3*", &document, &name, &content, &rest);

  xml_doc = noko_xml_document_unwrap(document);

  node = xmlNewDocPI(
           (const xmlChar *)StringValueCStr(name),
           (const xmlChar *)StringValueCStr(content)


  rb_node = noko_xml_node_wrap(klass, node);
  rb_obj_call_init(rb_node, argc, argv);

  if (rb_block_given_p()) { rb_yield(rb_node); }

  return rb_node;
new(document, name, content) click to toggle source
Calls superclass method
# File lib/nokogiri/xml/processing_instruction.rb, line 6
def initialize(document, name, content)
  super(document, name)