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Getting Help

Support, Getting Help, and Reporting Issues

All official documentation is posted at (the source for which is at, and we welcome contributions).

Consider subscribing to Tidelift which provides license assurances and timely security notifications for your open source dependencies, including Nokogiri. Tidelift subscriptions also help the Nokogiri maintainers fund our automated testing which in turn allows us to ship releases, bugfixes, and security updates more often.


Your first stops for learning more about Nokogiri should be:

Ask For Help

There are a few ways to ask exploratory questions:

Please do not mail the maintainers at their personal addresses.

Report A Bug

The Nokogiri bug tracker is at

Please use the "Bug Report" or "Installation Difficulties" templates.

Security and Vulnerability Reporting

Please report vulnerabilities at

Full information and description of our security policy is in