class Nokogiri::HTML4::SAX::PushParser

💡 This class is an alias for Nokogiri::HTML4::SAX::PushParser as of v1.12.0.



The Nokogiri::HTML4::SAX::Document on which the PushParser will be operating

Public Class Methods

new(doc =, file_name = nil, encoding = "UTF-8") click to toggle source
# File lib/nokogiri/html4/sax/push_parser.rb, line 11
def initialize(doc =, file_name = nil, encoding = "UTF-8")
  @document = doc
  @encoding = encoding
  @sax_parser =, @encoding)

  ## Create our push parser context
  initialize_native(@sax_parser, file_name, encoding)

Public Instance Methods

<<(chunk, last_chunk = false)
Alias for: write
finish() click to toggle source

Finish the parsing. This method is only necessary for Nokogiri::HTML4::SAX::Document#end_document to be called.

# File lib/nokogiri/html4/sax/push_parser.rb, line 31
def finish
  write("", true)
write(chunk, last_chunk = false) click to toggle source

Write a chunk of HTML to the PushParser. Any callback methods that can be called will be called immediately.

# File lib/nokogiri/html4/sax/push_parser.rb, line 23
def write(chunk, last_chunk = false)
  native_write(chunk, last_chunk)
Also aliased as: <<