class Nokogiri::HTML4::Builder

Nokogiri HTML builder is used for building HTML documents. It is very similar to the Nokogiri::XML::Builder. In fact, you should go read the documentation for Nokogiri::XML::Builder before reading this documentation.


Create an HTML document with a body that has an onload attribute, and a span tag with a class of “bold” that has content of “Hello world”.

builder = do |doc|
  doc.html {
    doc.body(:onload => 'some_func();') {
      doc.span.bold {
        doc.text "Hello world"
puts builder.to_html

The HTML builder inherits from the XML builder, so make sure to read the Nokogiri::XML::Builder documentation.

Public Instance Methods

to_html() click to toggle source

Convert the builder to HTML

# File lib/nokogiri/html4/builder.rb, line 32
def to_html