sudo gem install nokogiri

An HTML, XML, SAX, & Reader parser with the ability to search documents via XPath or CSS3 selectors… and much more


Class Nokogiri::XML::Comment inherits from Nokogiri::XML::CharacterData

Public Class Methods

new(p1, p2, *args) Show Source

Create a new Comment element on the document with content

static VALUE new(int argc, VALUE *argv, VALUE klass) { xmlDocPtr xml_doc; xmlNodePtr node; VALUE document; VALUE content; VALUE rest; VALUE rb_node; rb_scan_args(argc, argv, "2*", &document, &content, &rest); Data_Get_Struct(document, xmlDoc, xml_doc); node = xmlNewDocComment( xml_doc, (const xmlChar *)StringValuePtr(content) ); rb_node = Nokogiri_wrap_xml_node(klass, node); rb_obj_call_init(rb_node, argc, argv); nokogiri_root_node(node); if(rb_block_given_p()) rb_yield(rb_node); return rb_node; }